My Films

Here's some of the films that I've created. Due to limitations with that I've made this site with I can't easily show everything without the page taking about 42 years to load. If you would like to check out some more, please checkout my youtube channel.

The Social Classes

This was the final outcome of my A Level Digital Film course. I aimed to make the viewer focus more on the narrative of the poem used, over what was actually going on throughout the film. This is my favourite outcome from the course.

Shaping Portsmouth Conference 2017

This was a commission from the Shaping Portsmouth team, given to Portsmouth College where a few students, including myself, went to the Shaping Portsmouth conference and filmed it. I then took all the footage home and edited it together into this video.

Western Fun

Created as part of my A Level, Digital Film course. This is based around an in depth investigation into the Western genre. I decided to give it a focus on how having fun is important, no matter how old you are.

Harry Potter Studio Tours?

Created to say goodbye to a teacher, it was filmed throughout a trip to the Harry Potter Studio Tour. Some parts were filmed by me, and it was edited by me.